Spring 2020 - The 40-Day Program - Group Journey with Lisa Natoli

40-Day Online Retreat

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Give yourself the gift of a new beginning.

This is a self-study, at-home (and yes, FREE) program for transformation.

It is a self-study program that has been "super-charged" with the combined energy of going through it at the same time with others all over the world - sharing through daily opportunities to comment and at least one live on line event.

If you would prefer to take this journey without the group energy you can begin today here

"This program is about God-dependency — not Lisa-dependency, not anything-outside-of-you-dependency." -Lisa Natoli


Lisa shares the goal of all good teachers, whose ultimate aim is to make themselves unnecessary by teaching their pupils all they know (adapted from ACIM).

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  • Prior knowledge of ACIM is not required
  • All that is required is a little willingness and a daily commitment
  • Most experience dramatic change in attitude and thinking in the first 48 hours! So get ready for miracles.

Join us for this special event beginning March 20th 2020 where we will tap into the power of focused group intention to bring Peace to the Storm

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It’s not necessary to have completed the Course (or to even know about it) but if you are not familiar with it at all, you might be hearing some ideas in the next 40-Days that seem a little far out … like how everything that seems to be happening to you, problems and all, you asked for it to happen exactly like that.

All that’s required is a little willingness and a daily commitment. The daily messages and videos are designed to help you get to the place where you are out of conflict and experiencing consistent happiness.

Most people experience dramatic changes in their attitude and thinking in the first 48 hours! So get ready for miracles.

This is a self-study program to help you get to know your own personal Guide that is within you.

- The first two weeks are about grievances and letting them go.

- The second two weeks are about having a deeper relationship with God.

- The last two weeks are about Divine Purpose and Abundance.

You are invited to new daily practices (which are described each day) to shift into Christ consciousness and see what miracles come of that.

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Your Daily Guide, Teacher, and Companion for this journey:

Lisa Natoli is a healer and a teacher of A Course in Miracles. She is dedicated to helping people change the picture they hold of themselves. She teaches and trains people how to heal with love, gratitude and forgiveness. She is the Creator of the 40-Day Program for Transformation and the co-founder of the Teachers of God Foundation.

“For me, enlightenment was a moment when I stopped seeking ways to improve myself. It was a moment of recognition of “I am Spirit.” It was a moment of clarity when I become aware that the light was in me. I was the light! And that all my attempts to change and improve myself were ridiculous. I didn’t need to change anything. I simply needed to accept my innocence and perfection and to declare the truth about myself, as often as I could remember. I was so used to putting myself down for so many years, that it was a jolt to discover that I am a child of God. I have found that if you have a willingness to forgive and to see things differently, to remind yourself often of the truth that you are loved and lovable, pure light, you can change your life.”

– Lisa Natoli

"Goosebumps all over, incredibly humbled. Unbridled love stirring from the core of my being." ~ Kaki Devizia

"I always wished for a life of happiness but somehow it eluded me. Now I can honestly say I wake up excited for the surprises in store for me in the day. How awesome is THAT!" ~ Monica Lupu

"Day 40, my life has changed. I am not the person who started this program. This has been the hardest but easiest course I have ever completed. I now realize that nothing is ever a mistake. Thank you Lisa Natoli for this beautiful life-changing program." ~ J Elizabeth Gallimore

"I almost can't remember the person I was before this program. I know the way "she" would have reacted to situations that arose in her life would have caused more drama and angst. However, "she" is no longer here. I AM... I am calmer, I feel more at peace and I realize now that even those people that are trying to hurt me are a part of me, 'us' and I love them and bless them. Thank you Lisa for this opportunity, for reminding me who I am and that "we" are all one. Can't wait to see where my path leads me as I listen to and follow God. 
Bless you." ~ Reva Haskin

"I feel joy.... nothing but joy. I've cried at the realization that joy is all there is and I can feel God beside me. Thank you!" ~ Gemma Garbett

"I get excited to get up and listen to Lisa! I take notes and then journal and do my gratitude list. My anxiety is gone." ~ Lucinda Kimble

"Every day feels like Christmas morning! I bounce out of bed wondering what the day’s video and message will be! This program in every way has been life-changing...the sharing, Lisa's sacred messages and guidance, and feeling the fear-based energy within me slowly disintegrating and the peace and Light seeping back into my heart and my Soul and permeating the energy around me. The stories within and around changing naturally by doing this work. I've really been feeling the love in my heart with the daily lessons and tears in my eyes each day with Lisa's "I love you". Thank God. Thank you, thank you, thank you Lisa." ~ Deb Card