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Embodying Christ Consciousness in 2019

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The Living in Purpose Mastery Program is an intensive training program to help you LIVE and PRACTICE the principles of A Course in Miracles every day consistently.

This course comes with 2 of our other mastery courses to give you everything you need to be able to live a life of joy and abundance.

Inside of Living in Purpose, here is what you will receive:

  • Living In Purpose Mastery Course: 24 Weeks of training to apply the principals of A Course in Miracles to every situation in your life, consistently, every day.
  • Prosperity and Purpose Program: 24 weeks of prosperity practices designed to create unlimited and permanent abundance in your life. (This course is currently ONLY available to Living in Purpose students and cannot be purchased separately).
  • ACIM 365: Daily guidance to complete the workbook lessons of A Course In Miracles in one year. (This course sells on it's own in our school for $247)

This is a life-changing experience.

The key to seeing total transformation is putting these principals into action, consistently, and with all your heart.

Dedicate the next year of your life to yourself, to God, and to A Course in Miracles, and watch your life transform!

  • Unlimited and permanent abundance in your life. (This course is currently ONLY available to Living in Purpose students and cannot be purchased separately).
  • ACIM 365: Daily guidance to complete the workbook lessons of A Course In Miracles in one year. (This course sells on it's own in our school for $247)

This is a life-changing experience.

The key to seeing total transformation is putting these principals into action, consistently, and with all your heart.

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Your Instructor

Lisa Natoli & Bill Free
Lisa Natoli & Bill Free

Lisa Natoli is a teacher, author and healer. She writes and teaches on the topics of transformation, prayer, abundance and healing. She gave her life to God on July 4, 2000 (while she was working in New York City in publishing but frustrated by the daily routine) and 6 days later she lost her job and dedicated her life to find out how healing occurs. Through training her mind (with the practice of A Course in Miracles), she witnessed alcoholism, depression and autoimmune disease disappear. Because of her experiences working with love and light, she is devoted to teaching others how to heal. She is co-founder of the nonprofit organization Teachers of God Foundation which inspires, encourages and supports individuals to go through the transformation from fear to love.

Bill Free believes we came into time and space to be the light of the world, leaders in the demonstration of Truth, ready to learn to be a fearless, courageous and devoted Teacher of God through the teachings of A Course in Miracles. As co-founder of the Teachers of God Foundation he is devoted to the Great Awakening and has a passionate inspiration for Truth, light and a calling for activating the hearts and souls of others to live in joy without conflict.

As a Foundation they want to share it with anyone who is ready for a new way of life and awaken to their own divinity and share this light with the world.

Why This Program is a Game-Changer for So Many People

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Because change does not occur from sitting home, reading, studying, thinking, wishing, wondering, dreaming that things be different.

Change comes from doing things differently. These 3 courses are an invitation to play a happy game and show up in a whole new way.

The best part is that you’ll have so much support around you so that you won’t slip into old worn out patterns.

Sign up for Living in Purpose Now & Here's What You'll Get:

  • 24-weeks of Living In Purpose Mastery training
  • 24 weeks of Prosperity training to elevate your current level of abundance
  • 1 full year of daily support to complete the workbook lessons of ACIM
  • Guidance and support from our Teachers of God team and hundreds of graduates
  • A private Members-only (very active and awake) Facebook community
  • 2 LIVE monthly calls and all call recordings

Topics Covered Inside of Living in Purpose:

Month 1: Living In Trust
Month 2: Mastering Forgiveness
Month 3: Healing
Month 4: Resting in God
Month 5: Renouncing Fear in all it's Forms
Month 6: Being a Light in this World

Class Curriculum

  Live Calls and Webcasts
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Mastering Forgiveness: Week 5
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Resting in God: Week 13
Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Impersonal Christ Presence: Week 19
Available in days
days after you enroll
  My Holiness Envelops The World: Week 21
Available in days
days after you enroll
  My Holiness Envelops The World: Week 22
Available in days
days after you enroll
  My Holiness Envelops The World: Week 23
Available in days
days after you enroll
  My Holiness Envelops The World: Week 24
Available in days
days after you enroll

**It is important to do each week's lessons in order. The key to transformation isn't in the 1st week, the 3rd or the 10th. It is all of the lessons done together and cumulatively.

Courses Included with Purchase

ACIM 365
ACIM Workbook Lessons with Lisa Natoli
Lisa Natoli
Prosperity & Purpose
Simple Guidance for Creating Unlimited and Permanent Abundance
Lisa Natoli

Your Results Are Up to You

This coaching program is not for everyone. First, and most importantly, it is for those who know, without the shadow of a doubt, that they want to dedicate their life to love, God and true healing. You do not need any program to accomplish this. ACIM is a self-study program where you’re given everything you need. However, this program was created for those who would benefit greatly from daily training, motivation, support, uncompromising teachers and friends.

How Much Does Living in Purpose Cost?

There are three payment options available for your convenience:

1 payment of $1447

6 monthly payments of $267

12 monthly payments of $147


Living in Purpose comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Our hope is that your life is forever transformed with the practices in this training. It works when you do the work. It doesn't work if you don't do that work. It's that simple. So in order to see results, you need to give your very best. Practice and live these principles. We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, but you must submit proof that you did the course work and it did not work for you.

If you do the full course work and no change has occurred for you, submit your work within 30 days of purchase - show us that you did the exercises -and we’ll promptly refund your money. To be clear, if you do not include your completed coursework requirements within the 30 day period, no refund will be issued.Enroll today by clicking your payment preference below. You'll get an email confirmation and immediate access to your Member's Area and the private Facebook group where you will meet the most incredible bright community of individuals you have ever seen.

So sign up now and get started!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Living in Purpose comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Our hope is that your life is forever transformed with the practices in this training. It works when you do the work. It doesn't work if you don't do that work. It's that simple. So in order to see results, you need to give your very best. Practice and live these principles. We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, but you must submit proof that you did the course work and it did not work for you.

If you do the full course work and no change has occurred for you, submit your work within 30 days of purchase - show us that you did the exercises -and we’ll promptly refund your money. To be clear, if you do not include your completed coursework requirements within the 30 day period, no refund will be issued.Click your preferred payment option below to register for LIVING IN PURPOSE!

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DISCLAIMER: We don't believe in "magic" or "miracle" programs and we can't do the work for you. We believe only in willingness, consistent effort, devotion, commitment, honesty and serving others with excellence and joy. Our programs are intended to help you stay consistent in your practicing to be a light in the world and make a difference by being the love you are. Transformation requires 100% commitment. So your results are dependent on YOU. Please don't enroll in this program if you are hoping for a magic pill formula. We only want serious individuals dedicated to doing the work and who want to live in purpose for God. As stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results. We just want to help by giving direction, inspiration, encouragement and support. What we can guarantee is your satisfaction; we give you a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not happy for any reason with the program, just ask for your money back. All products and services are for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing on this page, any of our websites, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of results. You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions and results in life, and by your registration here you agree not to attempt to hold us liable for your decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance. We feel transparency is important, and we hold ourselves (and you) to an incredibly high standard of integrity. That's why we also put our disclaimers up front, why we give you our contact information for any questions, and why we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Thanks for being here. You are the light of the world.


*Program begins immediately upon enrollment.

Please review our refund policy here.

What People Are Saying About Living in Purpose:


I had a relationship with A Course In Miracles and Jesus before I did the 40-day program and Living In Purpose Mastery Program, but I WAS IN THE CLOSET. I was afraid to admit and uncertain how to share with others how much I love Jesus and ACIM. Living in Purpose grounded me in my role as an active member of Jesus’ team. Doing the Living In Purpose Mastery Program was the step I needed to EXPRESS my Self as a Miracle Worker in my one-of-a-kind way. I am a more useful, powerful and intentional channel of God because of Living in Purpose. For example, I recently attended an event called the Living Local Harvest Festival. I created a booth called “Loving Local” where people could pick up a mirror and tell themselves that they loved and approved of themselves exactly as they are, and then help themselves to a chocolate kiss. I was able to receive God’s direction, and carry it out because I learned through Living In Purpose Mastery Program that I AM THE ONE who is here to share the light of love. I am so grateful to be OUT OF THE CLOSET!! I let my light shine and I step with confidence into my unique expression as a teacher of God. Thank you, Living In Purpose and the Teachers of God Team, YOU ROCK!


I feel so grateful to have found Lisa Natoli, Bill Free and the Teachers of God Foundation. I “met” Lisa first when I came across her books “It Matters Totally” and “Gorgeous for God.” Lisa has a way of sharing ACIM that is honest, practical and authentic. I joined the 40-day program and went on to complete the 6-month Living in Purpose Mastery Program.

I was working at a job that I was ready to release but no clarity as to what to do next. With inspiration from Lisa, Bill and dear Judy Morton, I wrote and published my own online 40-day program (Moving from Pain to Purpose), left my job and created a nonprofit called Coaching for Inner Peace.

I LOVE my life! Even if there are times when the ego mind tempts me, I recall my purpose – as Lisa often says – I am the Light of the world and I am here to extend and share Love. From Bill Free I have learned to put all that is not of God on the altar – again and again! And from Judy, I continue to learn that Love is all that is real and anything is possible!

If you are considering doing the LIPMP program, I would tell you that it’s not a coincidence you’ve found Lisa and Bill and the Foundation. I would also say dive right in and be prepared to experience as many miracles as you can receive.


The Living in Purpose Mastery Program offered by Lisa and Bill is by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in life. It’s a very important tool on my new spiritual path that I am surprised to find myself on. All my life I was neutral about religion… or even spirituality. I knew how to be a good person. I was neutral about God. I liked Jesus but thought he got a raw deal. I saw Him as a brave man who did what his Father wanted of Him.

I saw a Facebook post about the 40-Day Transformation and said “What the heck, I can always quit if I don’t like it”. That was 18 months ago. I am currently finishing up the 365 workbook lessons with Lisa. The Living In Purpose 6 Month Mastery Program wasn’t on my radar. I was ignoring the announcements and thinking, “I’ve got this ACIM business going. I’m fine. Finally, guided by Holy Spirit, I signed up and I am totally grateful that I did. It was a lifeline when I didn’t even know I was drowning. I was digging in my heels not wanting “another” program but they all merge beautifully. Like Lisa says …all you have to do is say YES, open the Book (ACIM) and be still in your thoughts.

Do yourself a favor and sign up for the next class, go get a new notebook (a big one), some pens and markers and I promise it is worth every single penny you will spend. I am loving the practices we’re doing and the reflections and generally delving deeper into the teachings of the course and am on my way to reading the book and getting it. I don’t know if there is a way to read the book and understand it without a guide, be it spiritual or physical. Once you are in the Living in Purpose Mastery Program you have access to all the (future LIPMP) programs always….. how cool is that? Lisa is a Master Spiritual leader and she speaks directly to my soul. I am grateful she came into my life, and yours too. Love and Light to my mighty companions.


Living in Purpose Mastery Program has been amazing. I’ve been touched deeply by the teachings, videos and the practices. Lisa and Bill have a down to earth way about them that makes it so accessible, so fun, so real. The flow of the program is beautiful, and on the 2nd time around I have found more… (After you register you can re-take it as many times as you’d like for free. You are a lifetime member!). Sometimes I think “I don’t remember this bit from the last time but it’s always meeting us where we’re at. I love the support from the team; always kind, funny and helpful. Everyone is walking their talk. As a student who lives far away, I feel very connected to everyone. It is a wonderful program, it has supported me to apply the teachings of the Course in my life consistently and it’s been a lot of fun too. What more could you ask for?


First of all I want to say thank you to Lisa, Bill and all the staff at teachers of God Foundation, you guys rock! I cannot say enough about the 6-Month Living In Purpose Mastery Program I am now in rolled in. It’s amazing that the lessons always come to me at the perfect time. When I am going through something, having a judgment, holding a grievance it never fails that the perfect lesson arrives. I’ve been studying A Course in Miracles off and on for years, but never grasped it. Along comes Lisa Natoli and I am actually understanding it because of her teaching, and the practical tools she gives. The biggest change I see in myself is that I am just happier and sure myself. Stress, judgments come up but I am able to catch them and transform them. It’s magical! I highly recommend this course. It is like no other, and believe me I have taken plenty.


I don’t even recall how I first found out about Lisa & the 40 day program. I had been a student of ACIM for around 7 years at the time. I was single, taking care of myself and feeling the best I had in a long while. However, I was tired of not remembering the Truth about who I am throughout the day. I was also struggling with the transition of three immediate family members. I was set in playing a victim. I know now that I was ready to let go of the stories that I had built up around my family. Lisa’s program assisted me in doing that and so much more. I was a mother who I judged as “terrible” and I harbored immense guilt over that intricate tale as well. So…I took the plunge. Everything fell away. I was returned to sanity. Since then I’ve taken the program three more times. I was also guided to participate in the Living in Purpose program, a sixth month intensive. It allowed me to stay centered and to remember and to live in Love, Light, freedom, peace and Joy: as One. I am a graduate, a Teachers of God Foundation volunteer, on the Prayer Team, and a Minister of God! I am able to suit up and show up; Living in Love. I am immensely grateful to Lisa, Bill, & the Teachers of God team!!!


This is a deep and gentle course which will do its work through you. There will be ‘aha’ moments, and they will remain. You will see that everything is unfolding perfectly through you and around you, even in times when things seem less than perfect. This Course will teach you to rapidly recognize when you are not extending Love and Light and put you back on track. You will be more in touch with intuition and guidance. For me, no flashing lights, no visions, no miraculous healings… just a subtle sense that everything is shifting… It is enough!


Lisa & her loving group really walk their talk, they truly care about each & everyone of us! Depression had been my battle since my teenage years. Doctors wanted me on medication for life, but I always KNEW there had to be a better way, I KNEW I had the power to heal myself, but knowing & doing are 2 different things!…. add to the mix I was also in a job that no longer served my needs nor fed my soul, which also contributed to my depression.

The Living in Purpose program gave me the tools I needed to make a reality of zero medications. I’m in the process of starting my own business that will enable me to be do what makes my heart sing & truly be a light in the world by making a difference in people’s lives.

Without this program & the encouragement I received by having Lisa & her delightful crew helping me hold my vision & gently guiding me when I would veer off the road, this would not have been possible. I am now knowing & becoming the person I always knew I could be, but I just never knew how to begin. The person I am now & the person I used to be are like night & day. Thank you all for your Love, support and non-judgment.


This program literally changed my life forever. With Lisa’s clear and direct guidance I was able to put ACIM into a living experience and step into discovering my true purpose. Her clear teachings were invaluable in showing me how to practice the Course and to learn how to use it in my everyday life. My life has changed in ways that I thought impossible. The healings that have resulted from doing the Program are many. It helped me to rid myself of the idea of a very debilitating mental health condition called bipolar disorder which has had such an effect in all areas of my life that I could hardly recognize myself anymore. This program changes lives. If you’re ready to change your life too, I cannot recommend it highly enough. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and I will forever be grateful to Lisa and all at the Teachers Of God Foundation for their wonderful work. It truly is a gift to the world.


My quest for healing and truth brought me to Lisa Natoli and her 40-Day Program. It was as if someone took my hand and led me out of the darkness and into the light. I didn’t realize it was possible to transform my fear based life to one of pure love just by changing the way that I think. My profound shift made my decision to embark on the Living In Purpose 6-Month Mastery Program an inevitable one. It has given me the key to open an ancient door and discover insights and gifts that I may never have found. All that is needed is willingness because Lisa and Bill are the trusting guides who provide the spiritual map to follow. The teachings are clear, inspiring and imbued with truth. The support and love provided by the entire Teachers of God team is fantastic. I am blessed to say that my life will never be the same. I can barely remember who I used to be. I am grateful to finally understand what it means to be “awake”. I am filled to bursting with love, light, joy and the peace of God.


I want to share my experience with taking the Living in Purpose Program. I like to call it the 40-Day Program on Steroids! Just to name a few things that happened for me…

I changed the whole way I see my two boys who had “special needs.” I had been told that most likely my oldest son would not graduate from high school and I believed it. I saw him as completely “broken” and I was constantly trying to get help for him with therapies, medications and I used his “condition” as an excuse in so many ways. Then during the Living in Purpose Program, I was given the tools and teachings to shift the entire way I see him. My son graduates high school in 4 months. He has his learners driving permit, and he is in regular education classes, which he has not been in since the 3rd grade! My Dad passed away during the program and the entire way that I view death shifted. I also met and fell in love with the love of my life too, he moved here to California from Chicago in October! I had completely given up on the idea that I would ever have a loving relationship again. He also took this amazing program and is the most amazing, loving Teacher of God! I found my dream job working for the Teachers of God Foundation. I could go on and on… But the very most important thing that Living in Purpose did for me, is it allowed me to immerse myself in the teachings of A Course in Miracles not on the book / scholarly level, but on a very practical application in my life level.

Lisa and Bill have a way of breaking down these teachings in a way that really made sense to me and my heart opened completely. One other thing that happened is I started tithing. I went from a complete fear of money, and had almost no money. I had a life filled with the feeling of lack to a life filled with abundance. I came to a full and complete understanding that God is providing absolutely everything we need. There are still seeming challenges that come here and there, but I’ve got my “tool box”, and I am able to bring myself back to the truth of who I am very quickly. If anything ever irritates me or makes me sad, I see it as an opportunity to heal a false belief I have made about myself and it always ends up perfectly.

I am forever grateful for this amazing program and for Lisa Natoli and Bill Free, and all of the other Amazing Mighty Companions I have met on this adventure. If you have even the slightest inkling that you would like to take this program, I encourage you to step into your divinity. Put a stake in the ground and set your intention and watch what happens to make it possible.


This program changed my life! I went from being somebody who couldn’t even say the word God to becoming a Certified Practitioner and an ordained ACIM Minister, LOL. This amazing program catapulted me into a life fueled with JOY, COMPASSION, LOVE, KINDNESS and the list of God’s gifts goes on and on… and it helped me to deepen my relationship with the Holy Spirit/Inner Guide/Heavenly Self. Nowadays, if I find myself starting to worry, doubt, etc., I remember that I have a Guide, who is available to me 24/7, He’s doing the heavy lifting for me, I can let go and be carried… the TRUST that I have developed, TRUST that everything is always OKAY is something that will always be with me now, I got a taste for it and now there’s no turning back. This program is like the 40 day program on steroids – it absolutely is! This program was the greatest gift I ever gave myself – and I can say, hand on my heart, that I am in LOVE with LIFE these days and LIFE is loving me back. Blessings xo


Before this program there were certain key teachings in the Course that I really didn’t understand, at least not to the point of making them applicable in my life for meaningful and lasting results. This program helped me apply Jesus’s teaching in a way that seemed to bring me deeper and deeper levels of healing and forgiveness which truly has created miracles in my life. I had several strained relationships from my past which have been healed; most importantly the relationship with myself. I was really able to get down to some core beliefs about myself and uproot them with the help of this program and Jesus. I was willing to release these beliefs and replace them with God’s love for me which in turn was like a COMPLETE reboot to my operating system. I can NOW start living the Truth about myself, knowing I have unlimited potential and that I am entitled to miracles. WOW!

In short, everything has changed. I have for the first time in my life understood my purpose, been able to choose peace consistently and I finally feel unified with Spirit and God’s will for me. I look back and wonder what my expectations really were when I decided to commit to this program, and now it seems so clear; I wanted a complete connection to God’s Love, which is exactly what I received and then some. I would recommend this program to anyone who is committed to healing their life!


Well first of all, as Lisa runs the Living In Purpose 6-Month Mastery Program for Miracle Minded Thinking, you can guess that it’s going to be powerful and awesome, just a little slower-paced than the 40 days – but of course it would be, wouldn’t it, as it’s over six months rather than six weeks!

So Lisa will just keep leading you further away from fear, lack, limitation and guilt, and deeper into your true Self. Deeper into God. You will learn to really start to trust the guidance you hear, as you allow the layers and the blockages to Love’s presence melt away. You will start to see that you are beginning to respond to people and situations totally differently, and you will likely start to notice that some of the things that always triggered you, seem to have just vanished into thin air!

For most of us, awakening to the Truth of who we really are, as Spirit, as divine and holy children of God, happens “from the inside out”, and it really is a journey – which is why committing to six whole months (yes, that’s half a year!) of Living in Purpose is probably one of the most glorious gifts you will ever give yourself. We all say that we want to live a life from a heart-centered place of Love and Joy, so my question to you is – are you willing to receive this gift? I did, and it certainly changed my life.


Are you thinking about taking the Living in Purpose course? I highly recommend it. Just yesterday I was thinking about the start of my six months (two years ago). Just after we made our commitment, and said “even if,” my husband died unexpectedly. I sat that next morning and looked at my commitment, and thought, well, I have no idea how this works, but I did say even if. I’m so glad I stayed in the program. Miracles did happen, and it put me on to the next level, and I’m sure saved me some time in this life! Yes, it’s intense and personal, but it’s also loving and miraculous and I’m so glad I was a part of it. Thank you, Lisa and Bill and all my mighty companion classmates.


I watched my daughter Deedre change before my eyes as she took the 6-Month/Living in Purpose! She inspired me to also take it. She is in no way the person that she was. She is so peaceful, joyful and unshakable now (even through the very recent death/transition of her Father). She is teaching online classes regularly now and referrals are coming to her. We get together regularly and share our journey and laugh at where we have come from and how different life now is. I am amazed at the depth of love that we can share together. Thank you ACIM and Thank you Teachers of God Foundation! Much Love to ALL!


I took the 40 day program over 2 years ago. Here’s what happened. My life started to transform. I got a taste my magnificence! The shift was HUGE and I wanted more. I learned that I’m responsible for everything I see. 100% of the time. No exceptions. I’m not to blame but I am not a victim or anyone or anything. The quality of my life is up to me. I had to DECIDE to ditch some old worn out beliefs or nothing was going to change for me. I was determined to wake up to the truth of this. Period. Now, it got real. I am the artist of my life. Let’s get this party started!!! The 6 month Living in Purpose Mastery Program was paramount in my awakening. BIG! It is a step by step program of daily support and love. Each week, I would receive my lesson and practice it, using my own life as my tool box. That’s the great thing! Your very life is perfect for your unfolding. Where you are right now is perfect. For the first time in my life, I did not go back to my old “default” setting. I’ll bet this program saved me a thousand years of needless suffering. It took me 50 years but I can truly say, I am in love with life. I can say that I walk with God and that He leads me every step of the way. This may sound crazy right now but I don’t have any problems! Nothing rattles me up anymore. I just love A Course In Miracles. Just do it! It will be the best gift you’ve ever given yourself. Come with an open heart and mind and you will get everything you’ve ever imagined. This, I promise. No more playing small. No more sickness, pain and suffering. You choose. Say “yes”.


I had no expectations when I started the 6-Month Program. It was quite challenging for me because I was holidaying in Spain for the first 3 months, however I persevered and managed to complete the weekly assignments on time. I’ve found that the program has given me a greater appreciation of A Course in Miracles. Lisa’s explanations were so easy to understand and brought about many “aha!” moments in my life. I loved sharing with my companions and the love and support was truly wonderful. My friend and I are now living ACIM 24/7 and we are continually renouncing ego and embracing Jesus so we can follow HIS directions each new day. Thanks Lisa and Bill for your love and support. It is truly appreciated.


My transformation began with the 40-Day program. I looked forward to getting Lisa’s videos everyday. My shift in perception was beginning to change. When the program ended I wanted more. I wanted to go deeper. So I took the 6-Month course. I was going away from the drama in my life. I no longer engaged in old family drama. I wanted to live in joy all the time — not just sometimes, randomly. I surrendered my life to Jesus. And miracles began happening. A friend of mine who gives me massages came to the house and she said to me “Your energy is so awesome. You’re always happy and joyful, I want what you have. You make me want to join A Course in Miracles!!!” I didn’t do anything… she could just feel my joy and wanted it too!! Someone else yesterday told me the same thing. A woman sitting next to me in a class I’m taking, said to the instructor, “I want to sit next to Elaine — I like the way I feel!!!!” I am so grateful for this program. Our job is to spread the light and we don’t have to do anything — we just turn things over to Jesus and he does all the work!!! How cool is that!!!


I feel it is absolutely important to mention that this program was not only accessible in the realm of form (cost, time)… but opened doors of accessibility to the real me… to MIND. Through the consistent contribution to a gentle tithing commitment, I was able to demonstrate my commitment to unlearning habits of lack and unworthiness. And even though I faltered a couple times, the Teachers of God organization lovingly reminded me of my commitment and encouraged me to honor myself and my path. They were true reflections of Holy Spirit.

As far as the differences in my life… where do I begin? Ha! Joy! Joy! Joy! And this isn’t even hyperbole… I have a loving holy relationship with myself. My partner and I are hosting workshops and I now work in an ACIM ministry full time. YOU WANNA TALK ABOUT LIVING YOUR PASSION?!? BOOM! Here I sit as an example of quantum shift. Shift happens… yes indeed it does. Deeply grateful to Lisa and Bill and the support staff at Teachers of God. Pouring love over each of you. If someone is on the fence about jumping in… quit fooling yourself and hear your Heart… your fearless Heart and tear that fence right out of the ground! Throw it down and dance on it! You just might take a shift on all those beliefs that don’t serve your highest and best! Blessings to each of ya!


Lisa & Bill, You are an inspiration to all of us.

Before the 6 month program I was preparing to die. No I wasn’t ill but I may as well have been. I had settled in to the idea that I was getting old, and the aches and pains in my body were natural due to old age. I retired from my healing profession and began to lead a sedentary life while practicing the course in miracles principles. LOL. Talk about taking things out of context.

Since completing the 6 month course I have a new lease on life. My daily talks with Holy Spirit, prompted by Lisa, have led me through another door and a new lease on life. I have returned to my healing practice in a completely different way and my life has become richer because of it. Death is no longer an option because my life is just beginning. This has all come to fruition in the past week with lots of preparation before that and daily guidance with Holy Spirit, God and now Jesus. Not sure I will meet you in April but I do hope to meet all of you one day.


The Living in Purpose program was transformative for me in that it brought me into alignment with living A Course in Miracles as opposed to being a student of it. I experience greater trust that I am being guided in every moment by the wisdom of Spirit, which has resulted in more willingness to surrender my thoughts and practice forgiveness. I am now more able to perceive life from a perspective of love rather than fear, and this ability has infused my relationships, my ministry, my psychotherapy practice, and my entire way of being in the world with a more radiant light and clarity that feels like it comes from a higher realm.


I used to live my life in fear of being seen and heard; in belief that suffering was what happens in being human, and in isolation that bringing God’s Laws to daily life would bring rejection. Since completing The Living in Purpose Program, my relationship with Myself, God and Others has flourished, Deeply. The Support of Love and Acceptance that is Extended through this program, Absolutely, helped me reach my goal and Beyond my Expectation. This program shared tools to living a Harmonious life, and helped me implement them into my Whole life in a down-to-earth way that makes my life easier. I live a life full of happiness and peace, which I did not think was possible before completing this program.


I have been a student of A Course in Miracles for 20 years. I thought I knew the Course… and I did… intellectually. In all that time, even knowing the miraculous life that COULD be mine; I was still plagued with depressive episodes, a real sense of helplessness, chronic episodes of mental and physical pain, a debilitating lack mentality, which led to a persistent belief that I would be better off if I just ended it all and hopefully get the chance to start all over again.

That is until about 2 years ago when I had an experience that gave me hope and sent me searching. I KNOW Lisa was an answer to my prayers! After taking the 40-Day program, I had become hopeful again (actually for the first time in a very long time). I began to consistently practice, study, and pray. In my opinion the practices that Lisa incorporated into the program were the key. Even though I had done the workbook lessons and the practice that was recommended; for me there obviously was something missing. Lisa is a very incredible and insightful teacher. The practices she introduced produced visible changes in not only my thinking, but my feelings as well. I KNEW I had to have more! I wasted no time in signing up for the 6-month Living in Purpose Program. I was NOT disappointed!!!

I now have an unshakeable Peace that has already withstood a number of trials, I live in a Joy that I never thought possible. While I don’t have everything I want, I can see an abundance in my life I never saw before and a confidence that I will always have enough with do doubt that being a Child of God… I will be taken care of always. I can now extend love to everyone… because I have learned to Love ME! It’s AMAZING! While not everyone will aspire to devote themselves to God, spend a lot of the day in conversation with the Holy Spirit, being part of the Prayer Team, or seeking ways of helping Jesus save the world; there is no one who seeks the TRUTH who will not benefit from Lisa Natoli and the Teachers of God Foundation’s Living in Purpose Program. There are no words to describe my Gratitude.


For me the 1st six months program was a shortcut …an exciting eye opener which gave a boost on a much better interpretation of the course. The second time I experienced huge acceleration in living the course and felt a lot happier in my daily life.


I have participated in the 6 month program [Living in Purpose], several times. There are ‘many paths’ up the mountain. The Teacher of God Foundation is One such Path. If you are ready to Commit to Going Deeper in the Teachings of Jesus… this is one way. And I Adore having a ‘fellowship’… others Joining together in Love and Extending God’s Love to All… No Exceptions. This is as much fun as I have ever experienced before…


The Living in Purpose program offers a focused path of intention for living a “God First” life. The greatest gift for me has been this: if I momentarily get distracted and forget my Self, I miss it! My mind reminds me Who I Am within minutes, not days or weeks as before. Living in Purpose has led me closer to heaven… right here, right now!


I started with the 40 Day program, then the Guide to 365 program and for the last six months I have been part of the Living in Purpose program. This is such a wonderful program. I am so grateful and happy that I signed up for it. When I first heard of the Living in Purpose program I immediately knew that I wanted to be part of it. My main concern was the summer months knowing that my kids will be home with me. I wasn’t sure how I would be able to keep up with the program and three very active and busy kids, the fee was also an issue but I decided to do it. Best decision ever. I have learned so much. I have received so many gifts, and it’s all still taking place, still unfolding and it’s wonderful.

Before Living in Purpose, I was a spiritual person on a journey of discovery. I wanted to understand my purpose and why my life was the way it was. I did my best to be an optimistic person but it was challenging. I felt very alone, with a life story that made others feel better about their own problems… I wasn’t happy. The Living in Purpose program combined with the Guide to 365 and the 40 Day program changed all of that. I am now doing things I have never believed are possible for me. Like sitting down quietly in the morning and evening, connecting with Jesus that is now always with me. If you are feeling alone, unhappy with the way your life is, join this program. I couldn’t sit down and connect with my guide before this program no matter how hard I tried, and I did try many times. In the beginning of the program, Lisa was the voice of the Jesus. He spoke to me through her words and every week I got a little closer to hearing him on my own. I am not alone any more. Come my friend. Join us. I love you.


I took the [previous version] 40-day program, seeking answers to my then desperate situation. It was Day 2′s message but I was listening to maybe after 20 days, that’s how little importance I gave to that program. The topic was Constancy, as I was listening I heard myself say “There’s something that she knows & I don’t & I’m willing to learn.” Little did I know what I’d agreed to. What followed was my curiosity to finish the entire 40-day program, apply practically everything I learned in my day-to-day life. First I began to notice I wasn’t as anxious & was becoming peaceful, then came a glimpse of happiness, an unspoken satisfaction inside, a feeling of worthiness and when I actually knew who I was, I cried with joy.

The invitation came to join Living in purpose program. Linda I saw your video, decided that I’m going to join, that I’m not going to play small anymore. The moment I said yes, I felt relieved and light. I heard Lisa say “you don’t need this program, the book is enough,” I understood it wasn’t about money for her, it was about getting the message across & I knew I needed it.

Today as I’m doing the program, I’ve only great things to share. Being still, I need do nothing & undoing the ego were new concepts introduced to me. Lisa always says that what stays on this new journey that you started will stay, the rest will all fall apart. Boy am I glad that happened, my life was completely taken apart & put together in the same year. I received a beautiful gift, the gift of knowing GOD, I used to know of Him but now I’ve a personal relationship with God. My relationships have improved, my finances are looking great. Most importantly the moment I am off-centered I’m able to catch myself & stop the thought & give it to light.

I’m doing my daily lessons which has had a tremendous effect on me, I love Lisa’s 365 [ACIM Workbook] lessons with a ten minute audio comments. Now I know there are no accidents. Thanks to Lisa and her ability to teach the course in a practical manner has just expedited my learning in understanding the course. I picked up the book in September 2015, joined a local group where I live, spread the 40-day program to others (doing my part), most of them joined, felt the shift. Today I can say I’m a student of the course and a teacher. I live everyday in gratitude, with an open mind, make no plans, and am completely at peace which is deepening everyday. So thank you Lisa & Bill for creating this program.


About 6 months ago my husband and I left everything and everyone and moved from New Hampshire to Florida. In a meditation I had received a loud and clear message that I was being called to serve God at a deeper level. And this would happen in Venice, FL. We had no savings and were prepared to try to live on my social security benefits until my husband could get a job. At this time we were also completing the 40-Day Program. Living In Purpose was the next step. Could I do that while in such transition? Currently homeless-living with family, having to go to the library for internet? Searching for jobs?


The gifts I received from the Living in Purpose Mastery Program were so many! I have been a student of A Course in Miracles for 10 years, and my life has changed thanks to this teaching. This wonderful program helped me to understand the Course and make it more practical, everyday. It makes you reconciled to the body and the world knowing you are not of this world.

You'll be guided while taking the lessons Course and will walk and move through them right into your life and then your every experience. It is very effective, gentle and loving. I recommend it to anyone who wants to easily understand the concepts of the Course! Thanks Lisa and Bill for such a beautiful gift! I love you friends!


Only 5 months ago I was in a place in my life where I just had had it. I hated myself and everything about my life and I was desperate. I had been diagnosed with several mental disorders and was taking all kinds of medication, but I had a very strong feeling that this person Svava, with all these labels, wasn’t the truth of who I am. 20 years of therapy and many courses couldn’t do it. I always got back to unhappiness. I had nothing to lose and I asked for a different life.

Last Christmas God literally gave me ACIM and Lisa´s 40 Day Program. The best gift ever! During the 40 days I began to love myself and I had so many amazing experiences and after the program I wanted more - I wanted the peace of God. So with guidance from The Holy Spirit I signed up for Living in Purpose. I had no idea how to pay for it as I am a single mom with no job, but somehow with God´s help everything was taken care of. I have total trust in God. I am 3½ months into LIP and my life has totally changed. In the beginning of LIP I decided to let myself fall deep down into the rabbit hole and, with total honesty, look at all my old patterns and belief systems.

Little by little I am releasing everything. I hear very clearly now the difference between the fearful voice and God's loving voice. I don't have any doubt and I don't listen to the fearful voice (the ego) anymore. I have never been so happy in my life. I am off meds, all anxiety is gone and my life is just beautiful. I am my true Self. I am full of joy and love and light. I LOVE MY LIFE! I feel like a little child on Christmas morning and can't wait to see what happens next.

Whatever happens, I don't mind (Lisa Natoli´s quote) is my new way of living. And I love it! It touches me so deeply that you are here and that you have the willingness to do this work. This is our journey together to the same destination. LIP was a gift from God to me and I am so grateful for it. It might be your gift too! My biggest wish is to change the world from fear to love. You are the light of the world and God loves you.

With all my heart I thank you for being here. I love you. Namaste


The best decision I ever made was to take Lisa Natoli and Bill Free's Living in Purpose Program. This program gave me more than I expected. Prior to taking this program I had no clue about how to apply A Course in Miracles to my everyday life. With the Living in Purpose Program, that changed. This program is an experience! I know how to hear God's voice now and I know with certainty when God is speaking to me which is something I had struggled with for years before taking this program.

Through this program, I have received something that I thought would be completely impossible for me and that is "peace of mind." Peace of mind that will last. And as a result of experiencing this peace, everything else is just falling into place. I am happier now than I have ever been and I am seeing my external environment literally shift right before my eyes.

It is as though the words of A Course in Miracles leap right off of the page and take form into a 3-D experience that is mind-blowing.

This Living In Purpose Program is no joke. The results are immediate because once you say Yes to God, God says Yes to you! The Living In Purpose Program takes you there so that you will experience inner transformation that will immediately create change in your experience of the outer world. It is amazing and powerful!!

If you are willing and ready, this program will be the answer to your prayers. Be prepared!


I completed 40 Days and needed more. Living in Purpose offered a deeper practice. Week One and I knew this program would be my guiding light. “Know Thyself” and I can say Truthfully that I am changed.

In a few months I have gone from frenetic living to being LOVING and peaceful most of the time. Through soul searching and after enjoying the lessons on ensured abundance, I don’t need anything. I thought I was being lazy or avoiding life in a negative way. Wanting “things” or achieving goals is no longer attractive. Knowing my Self and getting to know my Powerful companions has become my greatest desire. My current inner joy is beyond description. Being a Light and giving Love means I can tolerate and bless the worst the world has to show and it has stopped showing me anything but pure delight. Much love!


The Living in Purpose 6 Month Program from Lisa and Bill was my heartfelt wish after finishing the 40 Days Program last March.

I so much wanted to continue on this fantastic journey I had started with Lisa Natoli. The 40 Day Program blew my mind. It got me out of my black hole I had sunk into for over half a year and swept me back up into life once more!

It set me straight on my feet with A Course in Miracles, which I often started on and never finished ....

After hearing about the LIP Program, I knew that was for me! And although I had no money for it myself, a dear friend gave it to me as a present. I know now: the very best present I ever got in my life!

Still right in the middle of month 4, I can tell you this much: this program is not for the faint of heart! All of my old ego-methods and ways are being toppled, shaken and left naked, visible for me. Shockingly visible. I have been physically ill most of the time since I started and yet, I feel really good with it. I feel more "me", more honest, more real than ever before.

Lisa's beautiful way of being clear about issues, explaining what it is all about, lovingly embracing all that is and laughing a lot about it in the process is just the right mix for me of power, directness and transparency. It is the road to true spirituality and to feel the presence of God's loving arms.

I love the member page with all the lavish information, videos, abundance messages, 365 days of workbook messages, documents, inquiry questions and other tools that help us work and reflect on these lessons.

The support by Lisa, Bill and Team; especially in the private Facebook-Group is fantastic and something I never fathomed would give me so much love, help and understanding.

I love the concept of having a Praying Partner (very effective and fun!) I also love the calls and other messages we are invited into.

And the best part is: when I feel too ill or not up to the lessons yet, I can access them at my own pace and return any time I want!

This LIP Program certainly is "mine" and I can wholeheartedly encourage you to look into signing up and giving yourself a huge present: YOUR TRUE SELF!


I love "Living In Purpose Month Mastery Program"! Before LIP and the 40 Day Program fear was controlling my life! I constantly lived in fear and anxiety. I was controlling and judgmental which was all born from my fear. LIP has helped me to see how there are two choices: fear or love! It has helped me to see how my ego was running the show and not well I might add.

It has shown me how I can accept my ego as part of me, but now it rides comfortably with me in the back seat, NOT in the driver's seat. I have been on the spiritual path for many years. I could never get the good positive feelings to last. I felt like such a failure! It worked for an hour, sometimes on a rare occasion a day. Now I know all I have to do is pause, rest in God, stay in my circle and all the peace and joy come flowing back to me. I can do this at work, in the middle of a crazy day, driving the car or at home. I can choose love or fear. It's completely up to me!

"Living In Purpose Month Mastery Program" gives me the chance to practice all the lessons we learned in the 40 Day Program which I have really needed and benefited from. It really gives me a chance to grab a hold of every lesson and to own these ideas! I am truly evolving into the person God has meant for me to be. This time the evolution will be permanent! I have been given the lessons and the tools to make it last!

Thank you Lisa & Bill! I love you and so appreciate all you do. Thank you also to all of the members of "Living In Purpose Month Mastery Program" and the 40 Day Program who are here supporting me with their love and support. Most of all thank you God for leading me to this program, an amazing group of people and for discovering my true self! I am so blessed!


Enrolling for the Living in Purpose Program has given my life new meaning. The focus of the lessons enabled me to finally start making sense of 'A Course in Miracles'. The direction provided by Lisa Natoli and the Teachers of God team helped me to let go of old grievances and war stories, which had never done anything for me other than keep me well ensconced in the role of victim and martyr. The 6 Month LIP program has helped me to see that miracles are simply just shifts in perception. It's truly a wonderful gift and investment in oneself.


Hi. My name is Karen. I have always believed myself to be a seeker of God. My journey took me to many religions and practices. But as a seeker I needed to be open minded to what the Universe sent my way.

While on Facebook, one of my friends posted the 40 day program with the Teachers of God. Prior to seeing this I had a voice (which I now know is God's voice) telling me it was time to expand my spiritual life. I signed up and I was delighted with every aspect. My life transformed in such a short period of time. But then came the decision to take the next course.

This one was not only a time commitment but a monetary one. Boy did that get ego going. All the freedom from the 40 day course pretty much came to a stop. How can I afford this, what will my husband say, will I regret making this choice once I spend the money? Fear reigned. So I did my practice from the 40 day and asked the Holy Spirit for guidance.

I cannot tell you what the Living in Purpose course has done for me because words fall short of the joy and experience.

My whole outlook on life has changed. I have a new freedom. After taking this course, the above conflict over money would never have happened. I have found a new generosity with money. The more I give, the more I get back. Just little things like when I gave a beggar $20, I wound up having $20 dollars taken off a restaurant tab. All within 5 minutes! I no longer live in fear around money. I know I will always have abundance.

My outlook about people has changed. Instead of seeing people around me and judging them, I see them as my brothers and sisters. We are all God's children. One of my favorite practices is blessing the people when I come in contact. What a beautiful thing to be able to do. I send them joy instead of negativity.

The most beautiful gift of this program is my relationship with God. I was the type of person who always wanted to have the peace and calm of the many gurus out in our world. That knowing. The ability to just love. This course has given me those gifts.

It is hard to describe transformation as it is experiential. The money I paid for this course has no meaning anymore. The gifts have been priceless.


Thank you Lisa and Bill and your staff for taking such good care of us all!!! The 40 Day course is the BEST ride ever. Anyone who wants to continue on this love train, I recommend with all my heart the 6 Month Course...."Living in Purpose"

The 40 Day was a game changer for me because it lifted clouds of depression that were blocking my light. But the 6 Month LIP has been the best wake up call to truly shift my perception-revealing to me my core false beliefs that were keeping me in a life of limitation.

LIP is dismantling my old identity of who I thought I was all based on fear! My identity was caught in the loop of my grievances with the same old story showing up over and over... not feeling worthy. I didn't realize how invested I was in being right and that things never worked out for me. I thought people were doing things to me and I had no power to change the effects that showed up. I didn't understand my negative thoughts and words were giving me all the effects I didn't want. Because of LIP I now see how my attention to the unwanted kept those things stuck in my experience. I've uprooted these false core beliefs and behaviors and released them to God.

I started focusing on what I wanted to manifest. I started a miracle journal and recorded all the amazing things that happened no matter how small they were.

I look at this journal to remind myself things really do work out for me and I bless everything that shows up in my life that brings joy. I bless all the kind things friends and family say or do for me and the more I bless and feel grateful for what works out, the more it multiplies. I am more careful with my thoughts and when I enter a bad neighborhood in my mind, I stop it much faster and hand it to God for cleansing.

I now expect things to work out and expect all my needs to be met.

My family has noticed a big difference and they are now asking for my opinion which is a radical difference from before when they walked on eggshells because I was so reactive. A huge victory for me.

LIP is a mind training at a deeper more committed level... a continuous practice to build a new muscle to TRUST God. It's a master class on gratitude, generosity, forgiveness and love.

I check in with my Prayer Partner weekly and that alone is worth every penny for the cost of this course.

Perspective is key and I'm getting more successful choosing the one that serves my highest aspiration to feel "peace of mind". I love the check ins on the LIP FB page that remind me daily of who I am ... one with God.

Life feels friendly today vs before when I had trouble getting out of bed.

I love being a part of this "global revolution" and I commit to the best of my ability being a presence of light and love in this world!


I had been reading a Course in Miracles for 8 years before taking the 40-Day Program at the Teachers of God Foundation. The 40 days left me with a better understanding of both the Course and myself. I knew I had further to go and the Living in Purpose program took me there. With the support of Lisa and Bill, I was able to find the kind of consistent peace that I so desperately needed and knew in my heart was possible. I may still appear to wander but never again will I be alone or lost.


The Living in Purpose Mastery Program is like an aircraft carrier compared to a rowboat. Yes, it is the strongest, sturdiest, most mission focused vessel I have ever known. The depths to which it can, and does reach, is mind blowing. (Literally)

It has anchored me in my truth, my authentic self. I am no longer a shell of personality going along with the mindset of the superficial. I feel an immense grounding and rootedness in Love and Joy now. The daily daggers and casted stones of life can fly at me, and I continue on my way, choosing only joy. I now truly understand what being a child of God means. I understand the endless gifts that God has for me. The strength I have gained so far is crazy wonderful! (And to think we are only 1/2 way through so far!)

Join me in this joy....just say YES....come on board! This program ties all the loose ends up. That yo-yo success and failure and back to square one life pattern will finally end. All those self-help and philosophy books that you have purchased through the years will all come to life and really make sense for you now.


The 40-Day Program was like ACIM on steroids. I had gone through the Workbook twice by myself, but in taking the class I realized the value in having a guide or teacher who knows the way and who is able to share it in a way that’s easy to understand and apply daily in my own life. And just as important is to be able to see noticeable changes in my life in just a short time.

When the opportunity presented itself to sign up for this class, I too, didn’t have the extra money coming in to pay for it. But I am so committed to this path and to creating a life of joy and peace that I realized I couldn’t afford not to take this class. I began tithing during the 40-day class and just as they were telling us, my income began to increase. This month I’m having my best month financially in a very long time. That gripping fear that I had every time I thought of money or my finances is no longer haunting me. I had become afraid to even check my bank account or credit card balances, and now I can do so with ease and joy. Now when I think of money, it’s with joy and gratitude.

I also had developed an almost constant underlying anxiety in the past year. That anxiety is now also gone. Any time the ego starts to tempt me with it, I just put myself inside the circle of God’s love and know that everything is being taken of for me and I no longer need to worry about anything. I now feel at one with God most of the time, and I feel loved, cared for, and completely taken care of for the first time in my life.

I consider this entire experience with Lisa to be a priceless journey that is bringing me more peace and a closer connection with the Divine than I’ve ever experienced before in my life. I’ve been on my spiritual path for over 44 years and have learned from many great teachers, but nothing has inspired the kind of permanent change so quickly that I’m experiencing with the Living in Purpose program. I know many teachers promise a lot, but everything that Lisa has promised is coming to pass in my life. And for this I am so very grateful.

So I encourage you to join now, not later. And I’d like to welcome you into our wonderful, loving, supportive community so that you, too, may experience the life that you’ve been longing for. It will be one of the greatest gifts that you will ever give yourself.

Audio testimonials…

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Frequently Asked Questions

I need to really understand how much time is involved in taking the Living in Purpose Program, I work full-time and I'm not sure if I will have the time to ded
The way the Living in Purpose Program is designed is as a self-study program. You will receive one lesson per week with a video along with supplemental readings and practices to apply to your daily life. If you need to spend more time, you can take it. Once you have paid for the program you will have free lifetime access to it. So you can actually spend 9 months or a year taking the program which is 24 weeks worth of lessons. It can be self-paced.
I am doing the workbook lessons of a Course in Miracles now, can I still do those while taking the Living in Purpose Program?
Yes, we have many people doing both at the same time. It's important to do what is most comfortable for you. If you are new to the course and you would like to become a Licensed Practitioner after you graduate from the Living in Purpose Program, one of the requirements is that you have read the entire course including doing all 365 of the workbook lessons, so that is why many people want to continue with the daily ACIM workbook lessons while they are taking the Living in Purpose Program.
What is the cancellation/refund policy?
We, at The Teachers of God Foundation are fully committed to providing inspirational and practical tools to help you assimilate the teachings within A Course in Miracles. If after signing up for the program you decide that you would not like to continue, you may receive a full refund within 30 days of the start of the program, if you paid in full. If you are making payments, we will cancel all future payments as long as you cancel during the first 30 days. If you would like to cancel, please send an email to: [email protected]

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