A Course in Miracles Ordination Package

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“I am among the ministers of God.” —ACIM Workbook Lessons, Lesson 154

A Course in Miracles Minister Ordination Package

** IMPORTANT: You must be a graduate of the Living in Purpose Program in order to qualify for ordination.

Order your Certificate of A Course in Miracles Minister Ordination and ACIM Minister ID card!

Proof of your official ordained ACIM Minister status as registered with The Teachers of God Foundation — the certificate (8" x 10 3/4") is full color card stock, matte finish, with elegant foil/embossed premier circular label with A Course in Miracles registered trademark logo, and the card is wallet-sized (3 3/8" x 2 1/8" with 1/8" round corners) with your name imprinted on a durable plastic veneer.

Please note: The name and address that you use in the “Shipping Information” fields on the order form is what will be used on the certificate and ID card.

If you have not yet signed up for ordination, you'll need to do that first. Click here and fill out the form to submit your information for ACIM Minister registration. Upon registration, you will have legal status to officiate at marriages, baptisms, funerals and burials — as an ordained ACIM minister.

A Course in Miracles Ordination Package: $59.00 + shipping & handling

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become an ordained ACIM (A Course in Miracles) Minister?
You can become ordained right here on this site, after you’ve completed all requirements of the Living in Purpose Program.
Is my ordination legal?
Yes, your ordination as A Course In Miracles Minister is legal.
How old do I need to be to get ordained?
You must be at least 18 years old to become registered as A Course In Miracles Minister. You will also need to check the laws and requirements of your state to determine if you have the authority to preside over a legally binding ceremony.
I’ve filled out the online ordination form – what happens next?
If you’ve clicked the link in the email sent after the online form was submitted, then you are officially in the ordination registry; this concludes the registration process. If you would like to order credentials as proof of your ordination, click the button to purchase on this page.
How can I confirm my ordination as ACIM Minister?
You’ll be sent an email confirmation upon registration. Beyond that, you can contact our support staff at
What if I move or what if my name changes — how do I change my name or address with the Ordination Registry?
Contact us at and specify “address” or “name change” in the subject line. Please let us know both your old and new mailing address or former and current name when you send this request.
How can I prove to someone that I am a legally ordained ACIM Minister?
Your Ordination Certificate is your proof of credential.
When I place my order, how is shipping handled?
Orders are shipped via USPS for a flat rate for each product (Ordination package: $6.50 for domestic/U.S. orders and $35.00 for international orders). Please allow 4–6 weeks for shipping and handling. International orders may take longer, depending on your location.
I did not receive a confirmation email — what should I do?
Many email service providers have automatic spam filters that may misinterpret a legitimate message as junk mail. Please check your spam folder; the ordination confirmation message could have landed there. Also, a typing error may have been inadvertently made before submitting your ordination application. Just one incorrect letter can be the difference between receiving the message or nothing at all. If you feel that your ordination confirmation was not received, email us at

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