Our First Annual 12 Month Teaching Program, Exclusively for The Transformation Room.

We are delighted to bring you this unique opportunity to receive EXCLUSIVE training from 14 of the World’s Greatest Teachers of Truth in A Course in Miracles and Non Dual Traditions.

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14 of the World’s Greatest Teachers

Because we want you to have access to your favourite ACIM teachers' current insights.

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12 Month
Teaching Program

Because, for most of us, transformation does not come from instant AHA moments, it comes from willingness and consistency.

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From the comfort of your own home

Because even if you are traveling to conferences, you will not find THIS content anywhere else!

Until now, the ONLY way to receive teachings from these world-renowned teachers was to travel to A Course in Miracles Conferences and pay $1000s of dollars in registration fees, travel, lodging and food expenses. And that is if you were lucky enough to procure a ticket, as these Conferences sell out year after year!

Now, by saying YES to the Presenter Series, you will gain access to:

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12 Month Teaching Program

Month long trainings led by a different world class teacher each month

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EXCLUSIVE training content

Interviews, video content and practice tools that have been EXCLUSIVELY produced for this Series, housed in our dedicated Teaching site and which are NOT available anywhere else

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The Transformation Room Community: A strong, dedicated, loving community

A community of men and women across the world who are committed to spiritual awakening learning and practicing alongside you, not just for a weekend, but every day of the year.

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The Transformation Room Library: An extensive library of resources

A topic based library of resources for you to browse at your leisure.

“My experience in the Transformation Room has been amazing! Having been on a spiritual path for nearly 20 years and a Course in Miracles student for 5, I’ve seen some wonderful resources, but this has been much different. The teachings, guidance and exercises combined to bring me dramatic growth, peace, love, an understanding of myself and a much deeper relationship with God. I'm so grateful it is a part of my life. ”

Paul Flood
Community Member

A 12 month teaching program designed to bring spiritual awakening

Over the course of 12 months (beginning May 1st, 2019) members will be lovingly guided through the following themes:

Imagine an approach to life that is fun and makes you feel vibrantly alive, present, grateful and happy, no matter what condition, problems, thoughts or feelings you have? Get connected, clear and centred in the Truth of who you really are; develop the power and ability to stay present as you step forward as your True Self : Christ.
Topics include:
The 30 day Christ Challenge
How to Live as the Christ and Experience True Peace.

Why does ACIM say "your holiness is the salvation of the world?" What does it mean to awaken from the dream of separation? How does our holiness bless the world?
Topics include:
Awakening from the Dream of Separation
St Francis and A Course in Miracles.

An introduction to using the most powerful tools offered in ACIM in everyday life. Watch your life transform as you learn how to incorporate a new way of being in every moment.
Topics include:
Tools for Healing Anxiety and Fear
A Miracle Toolkit, Christ Light included!

Learn how to utilize Truth Teachings to transform the most important relationships in your life. The relationships with your spouse, your children, your friends and your community will all benefit from what will be taught here.
Topics include:
Living Forgiveness: The Path to True Intimacy and the Holy Relationship
Healing Relationships - The Fast Track to Peace of Mind .


As the months go by and you immerse yourself in the finest teaching and most effective tools for spiritual growth, as you form friendships with like-minded people across the world and find yourself supported at every stage of your transformation, you will begin to awaken to the Truth and discover that….

  • d check You feel lighter.
  • d check You stop worrying when you recognize fear is only a thought.
  • d check You come to know that there’s nothing to fear and naturally become more relaxed and allowing.
  • d check Conflict is no longer an option. Drama becomes pointless.
  • d check Peace gradually becomes your way of being, no matter what life throws at you.
  • d check You trust what God is (not separate from what you are) which means you trust every person and every situation.
  • d check Instead of reacting and fixing, you wait in certainty for the perfect guidance that’s here for you, right now, just waiting for your attention to return to the presence of your own being. You resign as your own teacher, knowing you have an Inner Teacher who loves you.
  • d check Your hectic mind slows down.
  • d check You can FEEL your Oneness with God (Love) and with every single being. This is the only Love that will ever satisfy you.
  • d check You discover your worth. As you come to know your Self as the treasured masterpiece of God’s Love, you are able to bring your unique, authentic Self to everything you do.
  • d check You become magnetic! Other people want to be around you, just because of the way your loving presence makes them feel.
  • d check You have more fun. Life becomes a playground when your only job is Love and your only function is Joy. It’s a radical shift in purpose.
  • d check You become generous; you give freely because when you’re not blocked by fear, you experience the flow of an abundant Universe.
  • d check Healing occurs naturally when Love begins to flow through you unobstructed. You’re no longer a host for sickness, unhealthy relationships, lack or addictions

You are free!

The Presenters

Lisa Natoli


Corinne Zupko


Jackie Lora Jones


Amy Torres


Dr. Bob Rosenthal


Carol Howe


James Twyman


Jennifer Hadley


Diederik Wolsak


Robert Perry


Jacquelyn Eckert


Alan Cohen


Kelly Russell


Cindy Lora-Renard



The Interviewers

Lisa Natoli


Bill Free


Christine Kiesinger


Gerry Fitzpatrick-Doria


You will not find anything like The Presenters Series anywhere else. Don't miss this UNIQUE opportunity to access this work of love from the greatest Teachers of Truth, who are each giving you the chance to spend a month with them, learning, practicing, being inspired and supported by them.


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the series start and finish?

Each month, there is a new self-contained course, part of a 3 month theme, part of a 12 month training. At the end of 12 months, a new year's worth of training will begin.

How long do I have access to the series?

At the end of each month you will receive a link to download that month's course so that you can access it from your computer or mobile device at any time.

What if I am unhappy with the series?

You are free to cancel at any time and all future charges will be cancelled.