The Teachers of God Gift Pack

4 High Vibrational mp3 downloads.

Sit back, close your eyes, and let us give you an experience of The Peace of God


A High Vibrational Gift Pack from The Teachers of God Foundation

4 Meditations to calm anxiety, to create a new beginning, to surrender and to enter into the Heart of Presence

An experience of Presence
of awareness
of your natural state
The ability to be at home with God
Where you trust
Where you know

A clean slate....
An opportunity to erase every piece of guilt
To bless what was
and begin anew

Breath in Peace...
Breath out Calm....
Breath in Calm...
Breath out Peace...
See the Light of Spirit in front of you
Call up anything that is disturbing your peace
One by one let them dissolve into the light
Trust that everything is being taken care of
All is well

Dear God
Here I Am
I offer my Love
I offer my Trust
I hand this problem to you now as my gift.
I don't know the perfect outcome but I trust in you
I will get out of the way
I don't want to do it alone anymore
There is no more need to struggle, you will tell me if there is anything for me to do
Thank you

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