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The doors to the Transformation Room will be opening again in May 2019.

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We’ve created a contemporary and lavish space, filled only with Love and Universal Truth from multiple teachers and spiritual Masters. A literal “Powerhouse” in every sense of the word. A virtual room where you come in, sit down, breathe, and access the tools and wisdom you need in order to see love where you saw fear before. A space expertly and clearly designed to guide you through the 3 most important elements of transformation.

In this room, you will always leave feeling better than you did when you entered.


Love is what you are. Fear is what you’ve learned. Fear comes in the form of worry, guilt, sickness, addiction, anxiety, depression, lack, conflict, anger, doubt and loneliness. Fear is what’s causing all of your problems. No exceptions. Fear is the ONLY thing blocking your joy, your peace and your expansion.

Fear is a liar.

Therefore, it’s ONLY by removing this fear that any real and lasting transformation can occur. Starting today, you can let everyone off the hook. You’re the only one has the power to take responsibility for intentionally un-doing the fearful beliefs that keep you stuck and uncomfortable.

The Transformation Room was designed to give you everything you need to do just that.

This is a global on-line training community to break the chains of fear and allow happiness and love to pour through you. Our single objective here is for YOU to experience the Love of God that created you. We want you to feel it. We want you to KNOW it and we won’t stop until you see it in every single thing you look upon.

This is not another “self-help” course where you usually end up right back where you started. This is non-religious, non-denominational and all-inclusive. This is about the Universal Truths that we all share, based on the practical and spiritual teachings of A Course in Miracles. The same Truths that have been taught and revealed throughout the ages.

The Transformation Room is not here to fix you; it is here to unblock you. Whether you know it yet or not, you were created perfectly. Let us prove this to you. You don’t need fixing. Behavioral changes don’t work. Fixing things on the outside so you’ll feel better on the inside is totally backwards. You can’t change the external picture of your life and hope the internal feelings change. This is a place to come and heal your mind. This has to happen first. Then, outer changes come naturally and don’t need to be forced.

Countless hours and the highest standards have gone into making this an easy to use, relevant and extensive tool for actually getting results and being able to measure those results. You’ll get to watch yourself get “un-stuck”. There’ll be some days when it seems like nothing much is happening. There will be days when you feel unorganized as you unwind your fearful mind. That’s totally normal. As you make the space for Love to enter, it does much of its work underground. Transformation doesn’t come from an instant “AHA moment”, it comes from willingness and consistency. Our job is to keep you motivated for both. As long as you keep going, we’ll give you plenty of opportunity to see your progress. What kind of progress are we talking about here?

> You start to feel lighter.

> You stop worrying when you recognize fear is only a thought and nothing of value.

> Conflict is no longer an option. Drama becomes pointless.

> Peace gradually becomes your way of being, no matter what life throws at you.

> You come to know that there’s nothing to fear so you naturally become more allowing and less of a control freak.

> You Trust God which means you Trust every person and every situation.

> Instead of reacting and fixing, you wait in certainty for the perfect guidance that’s here for you, right now, just waiting for your attention. You resign as your own teacher.

> Your hectic mind slows down.

> You can FEEL your Oneness with God (Love) and with every single being. This is the only Love that will ever satisfy you.

> You discover your worth. When you come to know your Self as the treasured masterpiece of God’s Love, you let your authenticity fly.

> You become magnetized! Other people want to be around you, just because of the way your loving presence makes them feel.

> You have more fun. Life becomes a playground when your one job is Love and your only function is joy. It’s a radical shift in purpose.

> You become generous; you give freely because when you’re not blocked by fear, you’re in the flow of all the abundance in the Universe.

> Healing naturally occurs when Love begins to flow through you unobstructed. You’re no longer a host for sickness, unhealthy relationships, lack or addictions.

> You feel free.

Thank you so much for devoting your time, knowledge and YOUR life to this process and the Transformation Room. You, and all of the teachers involved with this, are a light glowing warmly onto the earth.

- Lisa Jensen

It works by using the 3 elements for transformation: Practice, Intervention, and Support.

Repetition is key. You must regularly and deliberately feed and nourish your highest Self.

Each month we focus on a different coaching topic to support you on your

transformation. You’ll receive one bite sized practice tool every single week based on the monthly topic.


Each month you’ll receive a brand new podcast for your 'Morning Walk With God' or to listen to while driving, cleaning, or exercising, to keep you on course and plugged in with the monthly coaching topic.
You’ll receive contemporary training articles, books, movies, and cliffnotes from many different masters and teachers that will keep you on track with the highest version of yourself.
Each month you will receive powerful guided meditations designed to undo fear at the deepest level and create the necessary space for your transformation to occur. These are extremely helpful as you are falling asleep or any time of day that suits you best.
Beautiful, printable quotes, images and affirmations to display on your bathroom mirror or the dashboard of your car, designed to redirect you back to peace, trust and joy and always based on your monthly coaching topic.
Join us as we reach across the globe to collaborate with world renown spiritual masters and teachers who came to help us understand and “live” the principals of love and universal truth.
Monthly checklists make it easy for you to stay on track and avoid self-sabotage and distraction.
You’ll be given practical tools to be used in your life, right now, to experience (not just read about) immediate shifts in your level of wellbeing. No more waiting for things to change.
Journaling is the best way we know of to track your progress. We’re going to provide you with monthly focus questions that allow you to actually witness your own transformation.

I am happy I joined the Transformation Room. It has helped me to release a lot of old ideas. The weekly deliverables are always down to earth and very helpful in an "out of this world" way. Thanks!

- Victoria Pearmain

When you find yourself triggered or stuck in old fearful thought patterns, you’ll now have a place to pause and intervene. You have to be the one to make the shift.

You’ll have access to a private and continuously replenished library filled with tools and guidance to help you make the shift from fear to Love. It’s like Spiritual Netflix and it’s all categorized to provide you with the personal attention you need.

This self-serve library is extremely helpful wherever you find yourself on this journey. It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of life. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned voyager, it’s natural to encounter some confusion along the way. That’s because you’re constantly growing and you never graduate. You’re always learning.

Anytime your peace and joy are interrupted, you have easy access to a comprehensive collection of resources to shift your perception and bring you back into your wholeness which is just another word for happiness. The best thing is, you can take this hub of on-line training with you everywhere you go. There is a world of light that’s always available to you if you just make the decision to enter. No more excuses.

You’ll be connected to a worldwide community of people just like you, all working together to stop suffering needlessly and live connected, loving and happy life.

Through the private Facebook group, you’ll be able to ask questions, share your successes, stay motivated and excited, feel connected and always be lifted up by people who are continuously raising the bar. You’ll have a community of friends, cheerleaders and teachers who’ll always bring you back to your Truth which is that you are gorgeously magnificent. When you find yourself stuck in your old-worn-out-knee-jerk-reactions, they’ll remind you to hit the pause button and check in with the wisdom of your inner guide. Oh, and they’re going to expect the same kind of vigilant and loving support from you too.


As a Transformation Room member, you also always have exclusive access to our membership area. All of your content will be kept here. It includes a huge library of videos, podcasts, and tools that you will have immediate access to upon enrollment.

All of the monthly deliverables are also added to the library each month, so you will have lifetime access to all of those as well!

Exclusive Facebook group for the members of the Transformation Room Membership to connect with and support one another.
Members receive special prices toward any of the Teachers of God Foundation's offers that are released throughout the year. We will send you your coupon code at the beginning of each launch.
Members receive immediate access to all of our mini courses on topics such as relationships, stress, abundance, and more.
Members receive lifetime access to all of webcast recordings that expire for the public. No more replay deadlines for you!


The doors will to the Transformation Room will be opening again in May 2019.

Get on the wait list to be notified when the doors reopen.

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When I heard about The Transformation Room, I thought "why do I need to join yet another club?" But Holy Spirit was quite insistent. Lesson: Never, ever, ever argue with Holy Spirit. I've had more growth since joining "The Room" than in my past 20+ years with The Course. I guess I was just ready.

- Baraka Norberry

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this membership work?
This is a monthly membership that is ongoing unless you choose to cancel. Your membership will be renewed each month at the same price you paid today. If you decide to cancel, you will be billed at the full price if/when you decide to renew.
What do I get by signing up?
You will receive monthly topics, supporting weekly material, access to the comprehensive on-line training library and you’ll be invited into our private Facebook group where you can interact with members of this exclusive community, teachers and staff.
Where do I find the Facebook group?
Once you enroll, the link to join the Facebook group will be revealed inside the Transformation Room classroom.
What if I still have questions?
You can email our team any time at [email protected]
Do I have to commit to any type of contract?
No. This is a month to month membership and there are no contracts required. You can cancel at any time if you do not wish to continue. Because of the month to month nature of this membership, we do not offer refunds.

I’m in LOVE with this message from our Week 1 deliverable and use it frequently throughout my day, it’s already transforming my life! So much gratitude for TOG for creating this space. 💖💖💖 Big love and thanks to Linda Leland and Amy Starr Allen for all that you’re both doing here, true earth angels! xo

- Kath Menegon‎


The doors will to the Transformation Room will be opening again in May 2019.

Get on the wait list to be notified when the doors reopen.

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