Tithing Information- What It Is & How It Works

Tithing (aka giving) is a requirement of this course and an important tool for accessing True Prosperity in your life.

Why? Because giving and receiving are 2 aspects of the same principal. You cannot have one without the other. This document contains the full explanation of what tithing is and how it works.

Below are three videos about the powerful benefits of tithing (aka giving) from each of your course instructors. We encourage you to watch them all because each short video will help you to fully understand what it means to enter into the natural flow of abundance, shift your focus and get you very excited about becoming a giver to life!

Lisa gives her experience with Tithing and how it changed her life from the experience of lack to a whole New way of Being.

Tithing and the Laws of Giving and Receiving- Linda Leland

Allowing a New Experience Around Tithing - Bill Free

Download the Transcript for the Videos Here